Is your story not reaching its full potential?

Take care of your readers. You owe them nothing less than the ultimate reading experience.


The ultimate reading experience puts the world on hold and places your story front & centre in the reader’s universe.



Through excellent story building.


An excellent story builds a world that the reader can touch and feel, and draws them through ever-increasing chapters of tension and emotion.


Apart from building your world, you’ll need to maintain it. Small errors in spelling, pace and consistency can distract the reader: to the point where they give up entirely!

Don’t sell your story short. Invest in a professional editor who knows what they’re doing.

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I’m an academically trained Master of Arts, specialised in English language literature and story-analysis.


I can help you build a great story, and I can help you remove all distractions.


Contact me for an estimate and send me the first three pages of your story: I’ll analyse and provide advice, Free of Charge!

*Edits are performed in British English or American English.
**Accepted filetypes are .pdf, .docx & .pages